Position – Resolve 7021 language with assessment scoping guidance


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Explanation of problem

Please note, “assessment scoping” means identifying the systems that must be reviewed during a single CMMC assessment. This is different than the “scope guidance” in the release scope guidance position which identifies whether CMMC requirements apply to individual components within an information system.

The lack of assessment scoping language in the DFARS 252.204-7021 creates a significant gap for C3PAOs as they work with clients to scope assessments. 

The DFARS requirement text for CMMC states only: “The Contractor shall have a current (i.e. not older than 3 years) CMMC certificate at the CMMC level required by this contract and maintain the CMMC certificate at the required level for the duration of the contract.”  This language does not require any relationship between the system being assessed and contract performance or contract data.

Our current assessment scope guidance allows C3PAOs to review only a client’s CUI enclave at CMMC ML3. The client’s FCI systems could remain un-assessed. The CMMC ML3 certificate could be used to submit for contracts that would not utilize the assessed enclave.

Since the DFARS language does not scope the CMMC certification to the systems used to perform on that contract, we expect that contractors will request assessment of systems that are not actually used for contract performance. It encourages smaller assessment scopes which are likelier to result in a certification, but do not ensure that all FCI and CUI is protected.

The gap introduced by the DFARS 252.204-7021 language can be resolved with CMMC Program Management Office (PMO) guidance to C3PAOs on how to scope an assessment for certification. Below is a suggestion on how this could be worded.


Identify CMMC assessment scope to include all contractor-owned systems that are being used or are intended to be used for performance on contracts that include DFARS 252.204-7021.  While this may not assess all intended systems immediately, during the re-assessment each three years, all systems will eventually be accounted for.